Training 4 You

There is no doubt about it! Launching and managing an online learning program requires different skill sets than teaching and training in a traditional classroom environment. Providing content to learners at a distance requires a host of skills that organizations do not have, even if they have experienced educational providers on staff.

Many larger organizations simply hire new staff with skills to launch and administer an LMS, convert traditional content into online courses, and manage support for learners at a distance. But this requires a tremendous transition within the organization – not to mention the expense. Even hiring one manager that understands all the skill sets can be extremely expensive.

However, the skills required to move into e-learning are not difficult to understand and master. Learning new skills can be time-consuming and will require some effort, but the return is much better when training your own team to provide online learning than it is to hire new people (even a consultant – yes we said that). Instructional design, program development, and LMS implementation and management are skills that can be acquired within a reasonable period of time.

Having launched numerous e-learning initiatives as consultants over the last decade, we have found that most organizations will try to hire a consultant to at least get the program launched. But when the consultant goes away, the program fails unless individuals inside the organization have the required skills to manage the eLearning program. Hiring a consultant to both launch and train is a very expensive proposition, adding up to tens of thousands of dollars (we know this because we charge this).

Many more organizations try to re-skill or up-skill using ad-hoc sources and fail. The cost of failure can be much more expensive than the cost of hiring a consultant or hiring a professional with program development experience. At CenterPointe Consulting we know what’s involved because we’ve done it lots and lots of times and we have put together an online consultancy and training center designed to teach individuals in your organization the skills to launch a successful e-learning program.