Learning is the cornerstone of a successful society.  Let’s consider a moment – the “haves” and the “have-nots”.  Cities with great universities and training programs attract world-class businesses.  The better educated the talent pool, the better the jobs in the area and so the upward spiral goes.  An economically depressed area will have few educational opportunities and little industry – and thus unemployment and poverty.  Organizations are similar in that an upward spiral of growth is created by providing educational opportunities at all levels.  Tie training and development closely with strategy, and organizational goals will be achieved.  As with competencies within manufacturing or sales, learning is a process.  Understanding and managing the process of learning provides a source of competitive advantage – for individuals, communities, companies, and even society at large.

Organizational Assessment – Strategy and your Workforce Planning

Developing a sound overall strategy is essential to provide direction and focus for the organization.  Ideally, human capital managers should be involved in the strategic decisions of the organization – especially if it is a service enterprise.  Developing a strategic plan involves creating a roadmap for change and growth.  In planning a corresponding learning and knowledge strategy, the same basic guidelines apply.  The organization has current processes that enable it to function as it is today.  Tomorrow’s operations will require new skills and processes.  This gap must be filled with new learning programs.

A strategy will clearly define the before and after state, along with roadmap for implementation – in terms of human capital development – or workplace training and development.  If your organization maintains certain operating standards for internal quality like ISO, Baldrige, Balanced Scorecard, Six Sigma, etc., these requirements can be used as a basis for conducting the assessment.  Analyze your current operations, develop processes and procedures that will improve the operation, and train people to those requirements.

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