About the Course

Overview: Major initiatives that result in significant organizational change need plenty of advance planning. eLearning requires software purchases and new skills that your organization will not have at the outset. A learning management system (LMS) is considered a complex, enterprise system because it typically touches a variety of stakeholders. It is the foundation technology for eLearning programs that provide training and development to employees, volunteers, students and professionals in a wide variety of industries. All of learning these activities have been in place for years and moving them to a technology-based program requires resources. This short course will provide your organization with a starting point to begin the planning process.

In this course, you will learn about critical success factors of eLearning implementations and how these should be anticipated for your organization. You will have checklists and assignments to distribute to key departments and stakeholders. After the course, you should have an understanding of whether you are ready to move into eLearning. Your learning objectives include:

  • Understand the overall impact of an eLearning project given your specific industry and application
  • Create a readiness plan for your organization
  • Perform a skills-gap analysis of each affected department
  • Conduct a financial analysis including cost savings and/or revenue
  • Determine if an eLearning program will contribute to your competitive position in the market
  • Develop a marketing communications plan for the initiative for employees, members, students or other groups of learners
  • Draft an implementation plan for presentation to stakeholders in your organization